About Us

At the heart of our company are technology experts who know what it’s like to run small business (we have been doing for longer than we care to mention!).

Technology has moved on dramatically in recent years and we are able to do things now in a matter of days that would have taken weeks if not months only a few years ago. This is partly due to the maturing of cloud services (not the ‘cloud’ word we hear you scream!).

There is a lot of hype and confusion over cloud services, and not all of it is helpful. Forget about all the talk, the services are very similar to traditional IT applications but they mean that you don’t have to look after the hardware to run your IT. They are also particularly good for small businesses as they provide access to services and applications which would otherwise be way too expensive or complicated to run.

Another of the main advantages cloud computing has brought is making integration between applications much easier. Essentially enabling them to easily pass information from one to another, thereby removing the need to double enter data or simply live with the fact that you can’t access all your information where you need it.

We are very proud members of The Federation of Small Businesses, the leading trade association for small businesses in the UK. We work both fellow members and non-members alike and are always happy to give advice on small business IT.

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